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    when you gettin anon hate but the shots not connecting

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    this is still SO FUNNY

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    I don’t know how many of you watched Cartoon Network in 2005, or Codename KND for that matter, but I was wondering if you did if you remember the short lived MMO Operation B.E.S.T..

    From the KND wiki: “The game has drawn many KND fans into MMORPG style gameplay, but Operation B.E.S.T. lasted until someone gained the highest score. After Operation B.E.S.T.’s highest score was displayed on TV, the game was shut down forever. Little evidence was recorded to remember the existence of Operation B.E.S.T., but KND fans will sure to remember this game if asked about Operation B.E.S.T.." When they say little evidence was recorded, they mean it. The image on top is one of the two images that come up when googling "Operation B.E.S.T." and "codename kids next door mmo". There is one article on it on the KND wiki, and no videos about it on youtube. From what I remember, the game and episode that aired along with the game was pretty heavily advertised in July - August 2005. I really think it’s fascinating that such a heavily advertised thing from not that long ago has no proof of actually existing. No commercials recorded, no gameplay recorded, etc.. Makes me wonder if irrelevant things I like now will have no proof of existing ten years from now.

    i remember playing this and being so upset that i had to wait a week for new levels. i fucking loved this game.



    I don’t think I ever showed you guys this but we have a dog named Booker and this is his tag.



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    This is gold

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  9. Its a game about horses. On Steam. Someone buy me this shit

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